I've purchased (yet another) domain. Jawsh.me.

Not that I really needed another. No one, other than spammers and ad companies, ever visits either of the first two, but I'm planning to use this one as a resume type page.

I plan to give it a more modern look than either of my original sites, with a more dynamic theme that will hopefully be more usable on mobile devices and scale to larger resolutions as they become more prevalent. (I should probably spellcheck that whole sentance, haha)

Once I complete my CSS for the new site, I may adapt it to these older sites to bring them up to date. They were at a state I considered finished when CSS3 was barely supported and still required browser specific prefixes in almost all cases.


I'm going to start with a "Song of the day" type thing, and maybe move more into reviews and such later on. I've added a Music link to the sidebar.

I should really put somthing here.

I'm thinking of starting some kind of bloggy thing. I'm not entirely sure what it would be based on yet. I'm also considering chronicling my path to getting out of depression, but I feel that may be better left private until I'm closer to being happy with my life. It will most likely be my opinions on music, and how random my tastes seem to be.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know... also let me know if anyone even ever visits this site, I find it unlikely anyone ever even does.

Good thing I have 2 websites now...

I don't even ever use this first one anymore... but just in case you didn't know already, I have u1tr.com. I've put a widget there that displays some of my redbubble shirts.